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2A: Immersion Guide
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For very foreign languages (e.g. English → Arabic), we recommend at least two hours per day of focused immersion: 30 minutes intensive, 90 minutes free-flow.
You are ready to move on to Stage 2B when you have level 3 comprehension while reading an episode of a TV show. This should be an episode that you’ve never seen before, though it can be part of a series you have been watching.
To evaluate your comprehension, watch the episode line-by-line, read the subtitles, but don’t do any lookups. You should be able to:
Try to do intensive reading when you have the most energy and focus. You should aim for 30 minutes per day, but if you are struggling, start with 10 minutes per day and gradually build up to 30. The remainder of your active immersion time should be spent on free-flow immersion.
• Recognize 50% of the words being used.
Use your free-flow immersion time to explore new shows and see what you like. If you don’t like it after a few episodes, just stop watching.