Nadav Spiegelman

A Trans Woman Joined a Sorority. Then Her New Sisters Turned on Her.
William Wan
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On Fox News, newly hired network contributor Caitlyn Jenner called Artemis “a perverted, sexually deviant male.” A column in the Daily Mail by Meghan McCain — the daughter of the late U.S. senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) — called Artemis an active threat. “Let’s call this what it is — an invasion of women’s spaces by biological men under the guise of acceptance,” she wrote.
Wyoming remains one of only two states that hasn’t enacted legislation against hate crimes. And the only physical marker remaining on campus of Shepherd’s death is a plain park bench with his name, in front of the arts and sciences building.
The staffer’s warning played in Artemis’s head as she walked through campus. She passed the wooden bench with Matthew Shepherd’s name. At one point, amid the death threats, she had joked with a friend that if anything were to happen to her, they could add a bench nearby with her name on it.
The sisters in the lawsuit created a legal fund on a Christian crowdfunding website, raising more than $60,000. “Men who identify as women are invading women’s spaces — sports teams, sororities … women social organizations and girls schools,” their page read. “The list keeps growing.”
A longtime mentor came that day to check on her — Sara Burlingame, the head of LGBTQ+ group Wyoming Equality. Burlingame drove her to Walmart to buy new clothes and room decorations.