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She stopped talking about money, and started daydreaming about retirement and traveling to Thailand to learn how to cook authentic Thai dishes, as she had already mastered every Khmer recipe, even the ones of meals she didn’t like. “Thai food is just bad Khmer food,” she once said, “but it’s better than other kinds of food. What am I gonna do? Learn to cook pasta?”
“This cannot be real,” Monica said, scowling with disgust and delight, to which the FAMOUS SINGER beamed a sternness that convinced all the cousins of the ceremony’s deep legitimacy.
“The BRIDE was fucking stingy about the food, am I right?” Marlon said. “What was up with those portions?” “Give a bunch of Cambos money,” Bond answered, “and they’re still gonna believe a coup d’état’s coming for us.” “And that, my beautiful brother,” Marlon said, “is what makes the Cambo world go round.”
“You like the prahok?” he asked. “One of my aspirations is to disrupt the Khmer food industry with organic modifications.” Hearing a man with 4 percent body fat talk about health, in tech speak, using disrupt without sarcasm, all in his underwear, it made my head hurt. “I wanna curate a series of online video recipes that lay out well-balanced diets for Khmer folk,” he continued.