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MICHAEL K. WILLIAMS (OMAR LITTLE): They kept writing. I knew that the dude was gay. All they kept doing: Omar rubs the boy’s lips. Omar rubs the boy’s hair. Omar holds the boy’s hand. I’m like, “Don’t gay people fuck? You know what I mean? Don’t they kiss? Don’t they grab each other?” I was like, “Listen, we’ve got to step it up.” [Michael Kevin Darnall] was with it, and I’ll never forget, he made me laugh. He said, “When do you think it should happen?” I went to tell him. I wanted to tell him right after I cut that barrel, that double-barrel shotgun and say, “Let’s go hunting.” But he was like, “Don’t tell me. Don’t tell me, because if I know when it’s coming, I might freeze up. Just go for it.”
I really think that we were, perhaps, the first two men of color to have a kiss on national television.
The great reformations of society are the result of undue excess and undue cruelty. The reason you have collective bargaining in America and it became powerful is that workers were pushed to the starvation point. The reason that you have the civil rights we do is that people were hanging from trees. That notion of the system [being] self-reforming without incredible outside pressure and without first [bringing] about incredible trauma through inhumanity or indifference—I find that to be really dubious.
He shot the scene, and as soon as the director yelled, “Cut,” as soon as he hit the floor, he sat up and he started crying.
STEVE SHILL (DIRECTOR): The biggest dilemma for me as a white British man trying to interact with Method Man—I was like, what do I call him? Do I call him Mr. Man? Method? Or Method Man? This is a guy who’s already a giant star. I’m like, “I’m going to show this guy the respect that he deserves, but as an Englishman I need to find the right way to meet him at the correct level.”
MICHAEL B. JORDAN (WALLACE): I kind of knew it was coming. Especially when you get that knock on your trailer door from David Simon. I’ll never forget it. He said, “I love you. The audience loves you. We’ve got to kill you. We’ve got to kill you off.”
MICHAEL KOSTROFF (MAURICE “MAURY” LEVY): A lot of these actors, I just found intimidating, but right before Michael K. Williams and I shot that courtroom scene, we had a good laugh, because I was scared of him and he was scared of me, because we’d only seen each other on the show, and he’s the sweetest guy in the world, but I didn’t know that. And he thought I was very mean and tough. So I took a deep breath and I walked over to him and I said, “Hi, I’m Michael Kostroff.” He goes, “I was scared to meet you.” I said, “I was scared to meet you, too.”
MICHAEL HYATT (BRIANNA BARKSDALE): I remember Idris before he was Idris Elba. I remember having a conversation with him on set. It must have been the second season. I was comfortable with the guys that I was working with. He was saying he wasn’t sure how much longer he was going to stay in this country. He knew French or some shit. I remember him saying there’s an opportunity for him to do some work in France, and maybe he should take that. I was saying to him, “Brother, are you fucking out of your mind? People are going to love you as this character. You’re not going anywhere, dude.”
show didn’t cost a lot of money. Again, relatively
JERMAINE CRAWFORD (DUQUAN “DUKIE” WEEMS): I wasn’t old enough to even watch the show. I had no idea what I was getting into. I was just super excited to be cursing, and my mom was okay with it.