Nadav Spiegelman

Broken River

J. Robert Lennon
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His heterosexuality was so pronounced as to seem, in the heavily diverse, non-gender-normative environment of early-2000s art school, almost radical.
she manages to find a seat, at a table with a frantically texting older woman who has left her scone untouched. Eleanor doesn’t blame her. They drizzle everything with icing up here: the scones, the cinnamon rolls, the cookies. Nothing is sweet enough for these people.
And of even this, he makes demands: “Why won’t you let me watch you do it!” And she wants to take him by the shoulders and put her face up to his and scream, It is not about you, Karl! It is, literally, masturbation!)
He doesn’t smoke very often, but when he does, he treats it like a track and field event. His legs are spread, his feet planted firmly on the ground; if she pulled the chair out from under him, he would likely remain balanced there, in a crouch. After each drag he flings his arm out as though he’s hailing a cab.