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Alejandro Zambra
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He became averse to any kind of conversation, even with himself—that is, to writing. He almost never came out of his room, but the most worrying thing, at least for those in his immediate surroundings, was his radical refusal to bathe.
It would be an insult to dancers and choreographers and to university dance professors to say that Carla and Gonzalo danced, because what really happened was that they didn’t stand still, and that lack of stillness took the form of a succession of muddled movements
They retrieved the batteries for the remote and caught the last few minutes of their show. Then they walked toward Alameda talking about the episode they’d just watched. And that was one of the sad scenes of the afternoon, of the week, maybe of their entire relationship: Carla and Gonzalo holding hands,
headed toward Alameda, talking about the TV show. They were like two strangers searching desperately for a subject in common; it seemed like they were talking about something and were together, but they knew that really they were talking about nothing and were alone.
After considering the abundant advice from both sides and giving special preference to the opinions of the leftists, Carla decided that actually, the most reasonable thing was to erase her first sexual experience as soon as possible, for which purpose she logically, urgently, needed a second one. On a Friday after school she called Gonzalo and asked him to meet her downtown. He was beside himself with joy: he ran out to the bus stop, which was very unusual for him, because he thought people who ran in the street looked ridiculous, especially when they were wearing long pants