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Choose Reality While You Still Can
David Cain
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But what happens in an age when cultural content is generated and consumed in such great amounts that *most of a person’s reality consists of consuming content*? And what happens when much of that content isn’t even depicting reality anymore, but *other content* made in the past?
Reality can be devalued by too much content consumption, especially when it’s content about content. Perhaps we should make sure to give ourselves intentional daily doses of first-order reality, in the same way we try to drink enough glasses of water, in the form of regular nature walks, physical hobbies, and face-to-face conversations.
Habits of *automatic* content consumption, such as always watching movies while you wash dishes, or always cruising Reddit while you go to the bathroom, seem especially dangerous. When those routines involve inexhaustible swiping or scrolling, it may not be inappropriate to consider the habit a properly dangerous one, because reality has so clearly lost the war for your attention in those situations.