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I tell my patients to put a big sign on their refrigerator that says THE SALAD IS THE MAIN DISH. The word
I encourage my patients to eat two huge salads a day, with the goal of consuming an entire head of romaine or other green lettuce daily.
So now I ask you to completely rethink what you consider a typical portion size. To achieve superior health and a permanently thin physique, you should eat large portions of green foods. When considering any green plant food, remember to make the portion size huge by conventional standards. Eating large portions of these super-healthy foods is the key to your success.
The major cause of all diseases afflicting Americans today is a produce-deficient diet.
my recommendation is that your diet should contain over 90 percent of calories from unrefined plant foods.
Fruits, vegetables, and beans must be the base of your food pyramid; otherwise, you will be in a heap of trouble down the road.
I recommend that both vegetarians and nonvegetarians make an effort to consume 1 to 2 grams of omega-3 fat daily.
far as the human body is concerned, low-fiber carbohydrates such as pasta are almost as damaging as white sugar.
For the best results, your diet should contain a huge amount of raw foods, a large amount of the less calorically dense cooked vegetation, and a lesser amount of the more calorically rich cooked starchy vegetables and grains. Cooking your food in oil will make your diet less effective and you will not lose weight as easily. You may not even lose any weight at all.
The bottom line about healthy fats is that raw nuts, seeds, and avocados contain healthy fats. However, you should consume a limited amount of these foods, especially if you wish to lose weight.
consume between 50 and 100 grams of fiber (from real food, not supplements) per day.