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It’s hard to explain to people who haven’t lived here how much we start to miss nature. In the future there will be a word for the specific kind of nostalgia we feel for living things.
I’ve found him to be consistently competent, and as a leader, he is a consensus builder rather than an authoritarian.
Our instructor had told us, “You won’t be able to sleep, so just try to lie still and think about nothing so you get some rest.”
Russian people’s behavior toward strangers is indifferent to the point of seeming cold, which to Americans can feel rude, but that once I got to know individual Russians well, their behavior toward me was warm and affable.
Compared to my Russian and European colleagues, the Japanese people I met were much more outwardly polite and deferential to strangers, but it took much longer to get past that polite stage and get to something more familiar. Because my Japanese colleagues were polite to everyone, I found it hard to tell whether I had established good working relationships with them.
I don’t know if I’m tired just from today or from the whole year. Sometimes you don’t feel how exhausting an experience has been until it’s over and you allow yourself to stop ignoring it.
I’ve learned to better compartmentalize, which doesn’t mean forgetting about feelings but instead means focusing on the things I can control and ignoring what I can’t.
I’ve learned how important it is to sit and eat with other people. While I was in space, I saw on TV one day a scene of people sitting down to eat a meal together. The sight moved me with an unexpected yearning. I suddenly longed to sit at a table with my family, just like the people on the screen, gravity holding a freshly cooked meal on the table’s surface so we could enjoy it, gravity holding us in our seats so we could rest.
I’ve learned that most problems aren’t rocket science, but when they are rocket science, you should ask a rocket scientist. In other words, I don’t know everything, so I’ve learned to seek advice and counsel and to listen to experts. I’ve learned that an achievement that seems to have been accomplished by one person probably has hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people’s minds and work behind it, and I’ve learned that it’s a privilege to be the embodiment of that work.
I have to set aside stress so I can concentrate on what I need to do, but when stress is always there, it can come out in unexpected ways—like feeling annoyed by a colleague.
AS WITH most marriages that begin with the groom thinking about how to get out of the ceremony, my marriage to Leslie was not a happy one.
the “type two” kind of fun—fun when it’s done—but