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Part of his appeal was that he offered a vision of college life free from the burden of study.
But Monica was very committed to the idea of a meritocracy—it was the fundamental principle undergirding her life. Some part of her always expected any nearby adults to be spontaneously applauding her efforts in all areas.
Raphael is very beautiful and stylish, but he doesn’t over-dress like a fashion student;
“Wow, wouldn’t have guessed that either. Can I say you look a lot younger?” “Please do. Only Americans get offended by compliments.” “And your husband, kids—they here in Boston?” She smiled at the sweet simplicity of the attempt. “My partner and I live in New York. I don’t have any children.”
She’d imagined of course that he’d be sad about Leon, but it turned out she had not imagined sufficiently.
They wore the kind of clothes you can’t buy in any shop, you have to get them delivered direct from the turn of the century.