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How to Go to War With Your Employer
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The best way to interact with HR is for them to conclude that you are on a path which ends in these problems landing on their desk without making them think you are a subversive element within the organization. And if you are prepared to make your knowledge of and willingness to use these tools explicit, all communication which suggests as much should be delivered to HR with your lawyer’s signature and only when you have a new job offer lined up as a fallback. HR should either view you as mostly harmless or look upon you with fear, but nothing in between.
I wish to subvert the expectation here that employees are subordinate to their employers. A healthy employment relationship between an employee and employer is that of two entities who agree to work together on equal terms to strive towards mutual goals, which in the simplest form is that you both make money and in the subtleties also suggests that you should be happy doing it. The sense of “going to war” here should rouse in you an awareness of the resources at your disposal, a willingness to use them to forward your interests, and an acknowledgement of the fact that tactics, strategy, propaganda, and subterfuge are among the tools you can use – and the tools your employer uses to forward their own interests.