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After I started meditating I noticed that there was an interesting dimension to listening to music, especially let’s say very good music like Bach’s cello concerts were my goto example
I remember when I was walking around in Gothenburg some autumn evening listening to them, and noticing that I wanted to shift from a “predictive” mode to a “perceptual” mode of listening, or play with that dimension
“Good” music seems optimized for evoking this dimension because it’s rhythmic enough to allow comfortable prediction while also textured and novel enough to subvert prediction and reward focused bottom-up perceptual listening
I noticed that the music’s intensity and pleasure took on new levels if I sort of went to sit at the front seat of the bus and allowed the stream of notes to hit me directly like raindrops on sheet glass, without fixating in prediction or memory
Prediction and memory were still always functioning, the conventionality of the music makes it unavoidable, so it’s not that I was “turning off” those aspects. I just let them recede, and shifted my conscious attention
I’m mostly unfamiliar with rationalist neuroscientific lore but the notions of top-down prediction and bottom-up perception as two poles of the mind’s functioning seems really useful and interesting
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