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**SIMULTANEOUSLY read the translation and listen to the original recording**: that provides the fastest exposure
It does NOT matter whether you understand each single word, in the beginning concentrate on sentences. The more of them you will hear and see at the same time, the more exposure you will get. Let your brain do the rest.
If you’re a fast enough reader you can read much faster than people speak, so you’re able to know IN ADVANCE the meaning of what you’re going to listen to, and to be in a position to guess at least some meaning (with a good translation almost everything) of what you’re listening to
To get to the stage of NATURAL listening you have to do about 20 to 30 hours of ‘listening-reading’ to NEW TEXTS with almost full understanding.
NOTHING SHOULD EVER BE DONE AT THE EXPENSE OF EXPOSURE until you get to natural listening to difficult texts
If you don't have parallel texts, do the following: 1. read a page (or a paragraph) in L1 2. listen and look at the text in L2, trying to attach some meaning to it 3. listen and look at the text in L1, trying to attach some meaning to what you're hearing. If you don't have the written text in L2, skip step 2, try to do Step 3 from the beginning to the end, but perhaps more times.
the more you BEFOREHAND know about the text you’re going to study the better.