Nadav Spiegelman

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Soko Morinaga and Belenda Attaway Yamakawa
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It was Roshi’s view that in order to speak before others, one should thoroughly know oneself. This verifying of one’s own essential nature is called kensho in Zen. Those who have not had kensho are not considered qualified to speak in front of other people.
It was thus that another of my silly notions met its demise. In the course of spiritual practice one is apt, from time to time, to get sidetracked down various lanes of warped and backward impressions.
We can use the words “true self-confidence” in place of “enlightenment.”
In sharing these stories, what is important to me is not that Buddhism flourish or that the Zen sect spread over the globe, but rather that each and every human being live this life completely, in the most real sense, up until the day he or she dies, with satisfaction and with peace of mind. It is with this hope that I teach.
That which becomes the seed of criticism is not wisdom; it is nothing more than the seed of grumbling and dissatisfaction. It is so often the case that the more we feel we know about something, the more dissatisfied and plaintive we can feel.