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Phones (and, I’d argue, other digital technology, and social media in particular) have an abundant sense of restlessness—I feel as if I am scurrying from one notification to the next like a hunted animal, one item in the feed, after another, after another, never stopping or lingering. Never *resting* .
In this way, smartphones *consume* rest. I mean to defy the usual consumption metaphor—in which we (the users) consume whatever the device makes available. Instead, I think the devices (and their attendant systems and modes, the apps and news feeds and platforms and whatnot) consume *us* . *We* are consumed: our rest, our ease, our leisure, our breath—all are eaten up by the flickering and frittering and jittering of inconstant screens.
Second, the language about how some people are [“non-technical”]( obscures real and critical skill sets. This is especially important to remember in light of certain edicts from organizations that assert they are engineering-driven: what are those orgs leaving behind? (Spoiler: a *lot* .)