Nadav Spiegelman

Reflections on Silver River

Ken I. McLeod
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In short, in everything you do, Question how your mind is, moment by moment.
If you try to understand your suffering, you are soon lost in thinking. Instead, each morning or whenever you practice, you rest in the experience of breathing and open to everything in your body. You do this by including the crown of your head and the soles of your feet in your attention at the same time and let any sensations you experience just be there, movements in a field of attention that embraces your whole body.
When you practice, rest in the experience of thoughts, sensations and feelings, using the breath or awareness itself as a place to rest.
During practice sessions regard thoughts, sensations and feelings as leaves swirling in the wind as you walk under the clear blue sky of an autumn day.
You are not including the change that has taken place in your feelings and your awareness.
Wisdom is not a thing. It is intelligence, not in the IQ sense, but the ability to differentiate what is from what is not. In other words, you know that a thought is a thought, not a fact. You know that a feeling is a feeling. Wisdom is not a conceptual intelligence. It is a direct knowing, which is why it brings an end to confusion.