Nadav Spiegelman

Stepping Out of Self-Deception

Rodney Smith
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we must be very careful not to carry the assumption of separation within the practices that have the intended purpose of stepping out of self-deception.
A lay Buddhist is one who fully embodies his or her entire life of work, family, and relationships without spiritually prioritizing any activity.
Once we abandon the belief that there is a more spiritually useful moment than the one we are in, we have embraced our life and infused it with the energy for awakening.
Leaning toward or away from any experience creates an anticipation of fulfillment in the future, and the sacred that exists here and now is lost. Discovering the sacred within all moments is the hallmark of awakening.
Discerning the difference between thinking about something and directly experiencing it is the function of samadhi.
The call of spiritual practice is to examine and understand what we are, and once understood, the sense-of-self becomes a functional necessity but never an abiding reality.