Nadav Spiegelman

Sustained Flow: Affective Obsession in Second Language Learning
Zana Ibrahim
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high motivation and intense engagement in SF are primarily the function of affective obsession with the SF experience
In the positive psychology literature, a distinction is made between pleasure and enjoyment. The former is the result of satisfying homeostatic needs while the latter is “the good feelings people experience when they break through the limits of homeostasis – when they do something that stretches them beyond what they are”; ([Seligman and Csikszentmihalyi, 2000](, p. 12).
At the single task level, the analysis revealed that enjoyment was the dominant type of affect as all the participants reported experiencing it most of the time while engaged in single SF tasks. For Helen, regardless of her intrinsic interest in the material,
Interviewer: *Would you not rather think about something else other than your study?*
Helen: *What else is there to think about? Right now that interests me nothing really*…. (Helen, Q3)