The Heart Goes Last

Margaret Atwood
Year of publication
When I read it
October 2015
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Choice Highlights

Oblivion is increasingly attractive to the young, and even to the middle-aged, since why retain your brain when no amount of thinking can even begin to solve the problem?

Looking back on his life, he sees himself spread out on the earth like a giant covered in tiny threads that have held him down. Tiny threads of petty cares and small concerns, and fears he took seriously at the time. Debts, timetables, the need for money, the longing for comfort; the earworm of sex, repeating itself over and over like a neural feedback loop. He’s been the puppet of his own constricted desires.

… women in danger of being strangled should avoid any fashion accessories that tie around the neck.

Nothing with a beak can be truly cute, in Charmaine’s opinion.

Men don’t like to think about makeup, they like to think everything about you is genuine. Unless of course they want to think you’re a slut and everything about you is fake.

You still working on that? as if eating is some kind of a job.