Nadav Spiegelman

The Hourglass Throne

K.D. Edwards
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“Huh,” Brand said, sizing up Corinne’s gown. And since Corinne had read the same manual on emotionally stunted Companion expressions of praise, she grunted huh back. The two had developed an unspoken détente ever since Corinne’s actions during the attack had almost certainly saved my life.
“You know I meant this, right?” I said. And maybe my voice broke a little. “I just . . . I want to do this. And I want people to see this. I need everyone to understand that you’re not just joining the court—you’ve agreed to assume a powerful place within it. So it really is a marriage, right? Even if there weren’t a ring, it would be like a marriage. But I want a ring. Because I’m not sure how a guy like me ever got a chance with a guy like you—but I did, and I do, and I’m not letting you go.” I’d pushed back enough so that Addam could stare at me. And that’s all he did—he stared at me, burgundy eyes swimming with tears.