Nadav Spiegelman

Young Man With a Horn

Dorothy Baker
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He was a sensation, particularly among musicians. He was such a sensation that it wasn’t long until Phil Morrison, who ran the best big orchestra of the day, bought him, and then he continued to be a sensation for Mr. Morrison. He loved his work. He had something and he knew it. He never got tired, kept it up night after night, and after he got through with the night’s dance he’d get together with other men from other bands who were interested in seeing how far they could go, and then he’d really play the rest of the night.
It was only by the purest good fortune that he didn’t happen to run into any of the All Souls’ crowd any sooner than he did. He didn’t even try to avoid them; it never occurred to him after he got interested in finding out how to play a piano that the mission was anything but a room with a piano in it. But it was. They had meetings there a couple of nights a week and all day and most of the night Sunday. Rick missed them Sundays because his aunt and his uncle were usually at home and he thought he ought to stay around. And he was never there at night because he had never found out how to turn the lights on.