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Portrait of Andy in his kitchen

Andy Miller

Painter & Neighbor

Brooklyn, NY

Andy, who’s been living in New York City since 1968, moved into his current home in the neighborhood in 1994 with his wife, Irene (pictured on the wall, as a baby). Irene died in 2014.

We met in July 2021 when Andy was heading out for a walk with his dog, Esmeralda, and I was photographing on his street. Esmeralda developed extensive cancer and was euthanized at home on August 6, 2023 surrounded by friends.

Andy outside of his home with Esmeralda
Andy in his studio An in-progress painting resting on cinderblocks Stacks of paintings Andy in his garden

Through Andy, I learned about Milton Resnick and Pat Passlof, a married couple and lesser known abstract expressionists from the mid-20th century New York scene.

From 1976 until his death in 2004, Milton Resnick lived and painted in an old synagogue building on Eldridge Street. Andy says the building was a sanctuary from the madness of the city, and that they used to make oil paints in the basement (with wholly inadequate ventilation). These days, The Milton Resnick and Pat Passlof Foundation holds exhibits in the building.

in the painting room
you forget pain
the spirit climbs
you judge goddesses
how different a tree looks
the abstract way (poem by Milton Resnick)